Successfully complete your wine cellar project

A serious and festive matter

Creating a Wine Space is a serious undertaking. It is about housing a wine collector’s living, constantly renewed, treasure, or that of a restaurant or a wine-grower… But when you create a Cellar, you’re also envisioning a fabulous place of hospitality and sharing, where you can honour and celebrate the “Wine Experience” with your guests. All those bottles are a feast for the eyes, but their true purpose is to attract the caresses, compliments and longing of eager explorers before finally surrendering to the happy initiates.

Hotel Bar: Finished, refined comfort: solid wood, leather, polished stone, copper, discreet lighting… The Wood System cellar sets the scene.


Every project is unique

So each project is different. Each becomes a unique work of art. The requirements – purpose and description of the space to be converted, number of bottles, storage, how they will be showcased, hospitality features… – all of this must be detailed for a complete proposal.

Interactions with the project initiator

Our Studio and Workshop first work with the project initiator (i.e. the end-user and/or his/her adviser) to collect all the information needed
to design the best project to meet the requirements. If needed, our designers will use computer graphics to create a 3D representation of the project. These back-and-forth interactions to define and design your project are vital to its success and will make your guests happy for many year.

Living room & large kitchen: 2 back-to-back Wood Systems for a wine cellar island between living areas.