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Unique construction and multifunctional system easy and quick to assemble, with all elements clipping together; can be moved; can be added to at a later date; held in place by crossbars at the back; rear crossbars hold it in place and it can be possible to secure to the wall.




Mass storage and double depth for large storage capacity, dedicated accommodation for each bottle, highlighting, standing bottles presentation, reception of glasses and others.


Easy to locate and handle bottles, reception of wooden and cardboard boxes, space for presentation and tasting.




A steel wire of extraordinary dimensions, ensuring high mechanical resistance over the very long term.


Different ladder heights and shelf lengths. And the possibility of custom-made solutions.




Many technical options: slanted shelves, racks for glasses, drawers, wooden, metal and glass plates, glass racks shelves, spotlights for lighting, etc.


All-wood, all-metal or wood and metal finishes.




Powder-coated steel, solid oak “long strips”, oak plywood, high moisture resistant laminated beechwood, tempered glass, frosted.

Nous avons

A high modular design

We have a passion for clean lines with variable geometry. We therefore imagined a modular design allowing the personalization of each tailor-made project. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, our many layout options meet the functional choice of the oenophile for storing and dramatizing his bottles.

Each unit we offer can be customized and responds to a refined aesthetic that can take place in the most varied environments. We have favored a timeless design that allows the most daring combinations. The solutions we offer are not simply beautiful, they above all, meet strict criteria of solidity, stability and workmanship which will guarantee you a sustainable wine space that will carry over time your living heritage.

The various layout options meet the wine lover’s functional choices for storing and presenting their bottles including in separate niches, all together, on inclined planes, compartmented drawers for wine wooden boxes.

Tailor Made

Tailor-made Architecture Intérieure du Vin supports you from the design to the installation of your custom-made wine cellar. From one wine cellar to another, everything can change. Depending on its primary function and the nature of the wines to be stored, some layout choices vary, such as location, interior architecture or temperature. Therefore, among the different types of possible spaces, it is essential to know your project upstream so you can develop a wine cellar that will perfectly meet your needs over time.

For the customized creations of your wine cellar, for personal or professional use, the experts of Architecture Intérieure du Vin accompany you from the idea to the installation. For the best result, we ensure the project’s work management, and we mobilize our works teams to carry out the desired improvements on time.

Use our online wine cellar simulator so you can get an overview and an estimate of your project.