Architecture Intérieure du Vin is a French designer and manufacturer of exclusive wine storage furniture. Our products are designed for both wine professionals and individuals, in France and internationally.

Architecture Intérieure du Vin is a story of a legacy inherited from L’Atelier du Vin, which was founded in 1926. It is a story of winegrowers, and their love for their land. It is a story of expertise lovingly handed down through the generations of a family business.

Our products are far more than simply functional. They are a celebration of art de vivre, of learning about fine wines and giving prized bottles the storage that they deserve.


We are passionate about showcasing different appellations and vintages, bringing their history to life, helping wine-lovers select the perfect bottle and sparking curiosity. More than just furniture, our pieces create a space to share and enjoy unique moments that bring people together.

Our furniture comes into its own in different settings, from living spaces, to places for simply passing through, intimate, cozy corners, and underground wine cellars. It is an integral part of the journey of discovering and tasting.fine wines. It forms a staging that is unique to you. It tells your story.

Our furniture is designed in France, handmade by expert craftspeople and produced on a site where technology blends seamlessy with traditioal know-how to meet your requests, no matter how exacting or unexpected.





The geometry of each piece, built around tailor-made steel rod sections, is specially designed to ensure that the structure as a whole is extremely strong.

At up to 8 mm, the diameter of our steel rods outperforms industry standards for high mechanical resistance over the very long term.


Our range of wine cabinet racks is designed for stability, safety and ideal positioning for wine storage.

The cross braces at the back and fixtures to the wall ensure total stability, eliminating vibrations and providing optimum long-term storage for your bottles.

Finishing treatments

The steel components receive a high-performance anti-corrosion treatment through a specific industrial-grade powder coating process. A layer of powdered paint is applied using an electrostatic charge and then hardened in a kiln at 200°C. The process helps protect each component down to the smallest detail against moisture, fungus, and friction.

The wood is protected by a double layer of extra matt water-repellent varnish, for optimum resistance to external damage such as wine or food stains, water and fire. Application of a sealant preserves the wood against regular, heavy use.

High-quality materials

Steel, solid wood and tempered glass are our signature. The materials we use are classic, durable and authentic. They make for sturdy, robust construction with a sleek and timeless aesthetic.

Used throughout the centuries, these materials have a story to tell. They evoke memories of bottles that have piqued the curiosity of newcomers setting out on their love affair with wine, knowledgeable amateurs and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

The wood we use is sourced from sustainably managed French forests. It is PEFC-certified, attesting to the quality of our selection. Our countertops and ladders are made with different types of wood to offer a solution that is in line with your vision and complements your space. From long planks of solid oak cut from a tall, wide log to oak plywood or multi-ply beech, our countertops are the perfect thickness to ensure a high level of resistance.

We use industrial-grade steel for the main framework of our units, selecting one of the highest diameters on the market. It gives the structure as a whole great rigidity and high mechanical strength.



Our 4.0 production site is based in northern France, in the heart of a historic industrial region. The technology we use, inspired by industrial manufacturing techniques, delivers very high-quality results in both assembly and finishing touches.

We use an active gas welding technique, which quickly gives a refined, strong and flawless finish.

To maximize the durability of our steel structures, each component is powder coated with an outdoor-grade anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant paint. The parts have a “hammered” finish for optimum coverage and, consequently, greater protection.