A serious and festive matter

Creating a Wine Space is a serious undertaking. It is about housing a wine collector’s living, constantly renewed, treasure, or that of a restaurant or a wine-grower… But when you create a Cellar, you’re also envisioning a fabulous place of hospitality and sharing, where you can honor and celebrate the “Wine Experience” with your guests. All those bottles are a feast for the eyes, but their true purpose is to attract the caresses, compliments and longing of eager explorers before finally surrendering to the happy initiates.

Project management

1.   Upon receiving your request, we do our best to understand your needs and provide you with initial answers in as short a timeframe as possible. We analyze every aspect of your project and ask you follow-up questions if necessary to clarify certain points.

2.   Then we submit our first proposals to you, developed around your needs and aspirations for your space. We also draw up a budget and, if possible, a 3D graphic rendering to give you an idea of the potential result and how it will look in real life.

3.   We talk this through with you and, taking your feedback into account, we tweak the layout proposal until you are happy with it. If you agree with our updated proposal, we can sign off on the project.

4.   Your order will be produced, prepared and shipped out to you as quickly as possible.

5.  Once the pieces have been delivered or installed and you have them before your eyes and at your fingertips, we remain available for any technical assistance – for as long as you need.


  • Architecture Intérieure du Vin provides deliveries throughout France and all around the world. All our elements are delivered unmounted, in kit form, flat-packed, in dedicated packaging.Deliveries are made at the foot of the building, with an appointment made by telephone by the transporter beforehand.
  • Day or half-day slot.
  • No handling is provided, it is up to the customer to take the items downstairs or upstairs if they are to be placed in an upstairs space. Unless an installation request is made, in which case our teams will take care of everything.


Architecture Intérieure du Vin ® provides an installation service for your project.

Our “white glove” installers can come to you anywhere in France, and possibly elsewhere in Europe depending on your availability. They install the furniture and additional options, secure them to the wall if necessary, and collect and recycle all packaging.

To ensure a smooth installation process, it is important that we are aware of all the characteristics of the space. We request that you share these details with us beforehand, such as type of floor and wall coverings, basement or top floor location, one-way street or difficult access, mountain resort, etc.

Installation is subject to an additional quote.


Our extremely robust steel furniture is very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, for safety reasons, it is essential to firmly secure the elements to the wall using the fixture kits provided. This will prevent the furniture from falling and being damaged in the event it is not used correctly.

Our other furniture made of wood or other materials of course also comes with a warranty, and any after-sales service requests will be handled appropriately. However, please bear in mind the following:

  • Since the countertops and other components are made of wood or other authentic materials, and some items are made by hand by our carpenters, our range of wine storage systems must be used in accordance with standard temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Architecture Intérieure du Vin may not be held responsible for possible changes to these components, whether made of wood or other materials. This applies as soon as they leave our factoryfor transportation, and with no time limit after purchase.
  • Architecture Intérieure du Vin therefore invites you to inform it of exactly how you intend to use the products so that its teams can advise you on technical issues before you decide to place an order.
  • Architecture Intérieure du Vin accepts no liability with regards to the electrical connection of the mini spotlights (ref. 006027). Installation of these items must be planned and carried out by a professional electrician in accordance with regulations, who will adapt the connections, if necessary, to the environment of the installation. Please bear in mind that grounding is crucial.