Our creations for professionals

Explore custom-made wine cellars and wine racks created for our clients.


We are aimed at all professionals wishing to create unique wine spaces: restaurants, hoteliers, wine merchants, wineries, mass distribution, rental of storage spaces, tasting clubs, etc…

Whether you want to arrange or stage a sales area or simply store your bottles, we offer a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

Our multiple technical options, up than fifty, are intended to personalize each project as much as possible, offering real sales levers.


We approach each project with the highest standards, aiming to provide you with a service of excellence. From the smallest cellar arrangement to large-scale store projects, we execute your requests with both rigor and friendliness.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a special production request.

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Customised wine cellars for hotels, restaurants and bars

Tailored solutions for every space to enhance your customers’ wine experience with elegance and functionality.

Winery, cellar, and storage room design for Estates and Castles.

Create iconic wine cellars that reflect the prestige of your estate or chateau, blending tradition and modernity.

Furniture an equipment for Wine Merchants and Fine Groceries

Refined and functional furniture to showcase your wine selections and fine products, captivating your customers with elegance.

Stylish Furniture for Your Wines in Showrooms and Stores

Sophisticated displays to showcase your bottles with style, creating a distinctive and appealing ambiance for your customers.

Custom tasting spaces for Event and Wine Clubs

Tailored setups for your spaces to provide your members or visitors with an exceptional tasting experience.

Wine storage and optimized stock locations for high capacities

Maximize your storage space with practical and aesthetic solutions, ensuring optimal preservation of your valuable bottles.