Can you use air conditioning in your wine cellar?

Is air conditioning recommended to maintain the right temperature in a wine cellar? Can you air condition ageing bottles without disturbing their maturation process? Architecture Intérieure du Vin explains more about wine cellar cooling systems and how they differ from standard air conditioners.

Is air conditioning recommended in a wine cellar?

Certain conditions must be met when storing bottles in a wine cellar, whether you plan on tasting them in the next few days or ageing them for several years. If your wine cellar isn’t at the right temperature naturally, then it makes sense to think about installing a cooling system. But is air conditioning really suitable for the preservation of wine?

Temperature is not the only criteria

As any wine lover knows, bottles must be kept at the right temperature at all times. The recommended temperature for a wine cellar is 12°C. However, this is not the only criteria to consider.

Indeed, maintaining the right humidity level (60%) is also essential, as is gentle ventilation, low luminosity and no vibrations and noise. With this in mind, it soon becomes clear that a standard air conditioning unit is unsuitable. Why?



Standard air conditioning systems are not suitable for wine cellars

A domestic or industrial air conditioner regulates temperature, but not humidity or ventilation. What’s more, traditional air conditioning units tend to emit noise and vibrations. This may be detrimental to your vin de garde, which requires a calm environment. To avoid disappointment upon opening, we therefore recommend installing a professional solution, specifically designed for that use: a wine cellar cooling system.

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Wine cellar cooling systems, optimal and tailor-made solutions

Lots of professionals, vineyards, wine merchants, restaurants, as well as collectors, oenologists and sommeliers have already opted for top-of-the-range wine cellar air conditioners to store young and old vintages in the very best conditions.


What is a wine cellar air conditioner?

A wine cellar air conditioner is a cooling system that is specially designed for preserving wine. It regulates the temperature, humidity and ventilation, while emitting little noise or vibrations, meeting all the conditions for storing wine.

There are several wine cellar cooling systems available: monobloc, split (1 outdoor unit connected to 1 indoor unit), to be connected to a ventilation system and water supply, through-the-wall, ceiling mounted (cassette air conditioner), free-standing, mobile, reversible, multi-room, etc.

Wine cellar cooling units are used in both professional and domestic settings and allow to overcome certain temperature-related challenges to preserve, age and prepare bottles for tasting in all kinds of spaces, regardless of the climate, and not just in a basement.

What type of air conditioner should you install in your wine cellar?

There are several criteria to choose the right wine cellar air conditioner. The power of the cooling system should be proportional to the size of your storage space and the number of bottles. Opt for a machine with a high coefficient of performance and air flow rate. This will ensure optimal refrigeration capacity in relation to the energy consumed.

Ensure that your wine cellar cooling system also includes a humidifier and that it is reversible in case you need to heat the room in winter. The mechanism should be silent and not generate any vibrations. The air filter and drain pan should also be easy to change.

Which brand should you choose for your wine cellar?

Architecture Intérieure du Vin recommends installing a Wine Guardian cooling unit, which are highly reliable and fully compatible with our top-of-the-range wine furniture. Do you need help fitting your wine cellar air conditioner? The installation may disturb your bottles.

We can put you in touch with our specialist partners, who can install your cooling system for you. Your air-conditioned wine cellar will provide the very best conditions for your finest wines, enhanced by our beautiful wine furniture. Feel free to get in touch for a quote to create your made-to-measure wine cellar.